Campaign to Save Our Forests hit the headlines this weekend!

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Our campaign to Save Our Forests hit the headlines this weekend!





First our petition and an opinion poll – paid for by hundreds of 38 Degrees members – were reported on Countryfile, the Today programme and BBC 5 Live breakfast.

Then a group including the Archbishop of Canterbury backed our campaign – making the front page of the Sunday Telegraph! [1]

Our pressure has got the government worried.

They’ve started a charm offensive, telling us that they love forests too.

But right now, despite the warm fuzzy words, David Cameron is pushing through changes to the law.

He wants to make it legalto sell off 100% of our woodlands. [2]

David Cameron can only change the law – and sell all our forests – if MPs vote the changes through Parliament.

That makes MPs a key target for our campaign. We need to make sure that our MPs are hearing from local voters.

Can you send your MP a quick email today? It is quick and easy to email your MP using the 38 Degrees website.

You can find your MP just by putting in your postcode, and there is some suggested text to use in your message.

Please click here to email your MP and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

MPs will have heard about our campaign.

They’ll have seen our opinion poll showing that 84% of the general public want our forests to stay in public hands for future generations.

Now we need to make sure they are also hearing directly from local voters.

If enough of us email our MPs, we can push them to come out of the woodwork and speak out against privatising our forests.

Thousands of us voted to launch this campaign. We’ve spread the word by forwarding emails and sharing news on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve put up posters in forests, car parks and cafes all over the country. Now we’ve got over 175,000 signatures on our petition.

And that number is rising fast!

Together we have sounded the alarm about the threat to our forests.

The media and celebrities have noticed our campaign, and the government has been put on the defensive.

Now, if we keep working together, we can make sure MPs start to feel under pressure to vote against making it legal to sell off our forests.

Click here to send your MP a quick message and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team

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