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If your organisation is registered within our directory, if you have corresponded with us in the past, or if your organisation’s email address is publicly advertised, you will soon receive an email from This email invites your organisation to take advantage of our free and safe news messaging system. The email introduces this service and should also contain a copy of the Nesa Messaging System – User Guide.

The email address of your organisation (to which the email from was sent) should also receive an email from who power the NESA Messaging System. This second email (from invites your organisation to register a user account within the NESA Messaging System. As well as being found at the National Ex Services Website, the NESA Messaging System can be viewed at

If you do not wish to employ the National Ex Services Association website to help publicise your organisation’s news you can totally ignore the emails sent to you (i.e. Simply Do Not verify your account or accept the invitation to register as a user).

If you do wish to employ the NESA web-site to help publicise your organisation and its work and you have not received a NESA Messaging System introductory email then you can request one by filling in the form found here.