Crocodile tears shed over the covenant

Posted on February 28, 2011 by

The recent events in Libya, coming as they do immediately after the announcement by the British Legion that the government has reneged on its promise to enshrine the Military Covenant in law, shows how desperately we need to look at what is being done with and to, the Armed Forces of the UK.

Presently, were the Falkland Islands to be subjected to another invasion by a resurgent Argentina, it is highly doubtful that the UK could muster the resources to either retain or if necessary retake them. The fact that the RAF and the SAS were able to mount a rescue mission deep into the Libyan desert should not lull anyone into a false sense of security, it was of necessity a secretive and penny packet mission, designed to be done covertly and without much in the way of ‘top cover’ had the ‘Herky birds’ been under serious threat on the way in or out. How long before even a modest response, such as this, is beyond the resources available to the UK’s Armed Forces?

The Armed Forces are under resourced, the Covenant is brushed aside as an inconvenience and unilaterally declared not really necessary by an administration crying ‘poverty’ in a wailing voice full of agony and despair as it sheds crocodile tears over the wounded and slain emerging from Afghanistan. It has never been more necessary to have a real Covenant in place than it is today, because the Armed Forces of the UK have not been as ill served, for so long, by their political masters of all persuasions, since the days of the Crimean war.