Will the Mandarins Prevail?

Posted on March 1, 2011 by

It seems that the Conservative Party has fallen into the trap of taking the least line of resistance by simply seeking advice from the senior mandarins. They practise a tired and outdated methodology that is unable to cope with the challenges that beset modern Britain. The 19th Century mindset and desperate clinging to tradition and privilege that exists within the corridors of Westminster and Whitehall is crippling the country, the indulging and cosseting of fools cannot be allowed to continue if the UK is to be managed with the best interests of all its citizens as the sole aim (as it should be) of those who govern.

For proof of how entrenched that torpid mindset is, one needs look no further than the unremitting hostility within the MoD and HD awards Committee towards the concept of a National Defence Medal. Here a group of Veterans have come up with a means to contribute to the finance of the needs of wounded and mentally traumatised Service people, something the government is both struggling to do.  But instead of meeting and discussing this, the door has been slammed in the faces of those whose ultimate aim is the succour of their comrades in arms. The scheme would see the National Defence Medal set up as a visible and potent icon for the long neglected covenant between Armed Forces and government and done in such a way that benefits would accrue right across the board to all parties.

All the signs are there that the new governments will has been hijacked by that most overworked of all Civil Service appurtenances, the ‘too hard basket’! So once again the abominable ‘No men’ and the Chairborne Brigade seem to have scored a pyrrhic victory that will smother another attempt to shake the establishment out of what will ultimately be its fatal stupor. Problem is, it isn’t seawater that is trying to break through the dam(n) walls they have erected, its simply a ‘solution’ and all that is needed to see it come about, is for these people to pull their fingers out!