End of an era in American history

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To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Kyle Nappi – I am a 20-year-old sophomore at The Ohio State University, and, some might say, a dedicated military historian.
On Sunday, February 27th, Frank Woodruff Buckles passed away at his Charles Town, WV home at the age of 110. He is the last American veteran of World War One.  With this being said, we should all take a moment to not only mark the passing of Mr. Buckles, but of that generation as a whole. His death marks the end of an era and we should honor that passing with the proper honorary tributes.
Attached [below], you will find a letter from the United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs from February 2, 2011. It discusses the situation of honorary services to Mr. Buckles, in the event of his passing. It calls on Mr. Buckles to lie in the Capitol Rotunda, so that the American public would be allowed the opportunity to reflect upon the veterans of the Great War and their heroic acts that they preformed. In my opinion, it is a fitting tribute to the last of a generation.
I received the notification from Mr. David DeJonge, who is President and Co-Founder, of the WWI Memorial Foundation as well as the Spokesman for Americas Last World War One Veteran. “According to Senator Rockefeller’s staff the speaker of the house [John Boehner] says Buckles is not allowed in the Capitol.” …Why?
Furthermore, Michael Steel, the media relations contact for Boehner’s office stated that, “The decision that Arlington was the appropriate venue was made by both Speaker Boehner AND Senate Majority Leader Reid. This is not a partisan issue.”
Regardless of political affiliation, this issue requires immediate attention and action. Since Mr. Boehner is an Ohio Congressman and the Speaker of the House, I wanted to contact you first.
It is my hope to call on your support to contact Speaker Boehner to reconsider and allow Mr. Buckles, and the entirety of that generation, the proper honor that they deserve. It would be a most humble tribute to that brave generation of men and women who served our Country.
Below you will find Speaker Boehner’s website and his immediate media relations contact, Mr. Steel:
I also urge you to contact Senator Harry Reid who holds the same view as Speaker Boehner:
Furthermore, John Boehner’s office may be reached at (202) 225-0600. Harry Reid’s office may be reached at (202) 224-3542.
Please bear in mind this is not an attempt to memorialize Frank, but rather, what he stands for – the end of an era in American history. It is not the fact that he outlived all the other veterans; it is what he represents that we wish to honor. He served as a representative and the last link to that point in time. We deserve to give them a proper tribute and the effort for him to lie in the Capitol Rotunda gives the American public that very opportunity.
We cannot allow “The Lost Generation” to be forgotten once more. All gave some, some gave all. Please tell others of these events, as we hope to give Mr. Buckles, and The Great War Generation, a final tribute.
I thank you so very much for your time and God Bless America,
Mr. Kyle Nappi
WWI Consultant for Survivor Quest
Sophomore, The Ohio State University

Letter from the United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs from February 2, 2011