Applications open for new NZ Defence Service Medal

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The New Zealand Defence Service Medal

15 April 2011

Applications for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) have opened for ex-Service personnel who are over 70 years old.

 The new medal, approved recently by Her Majesty, closes a long-standing gap in medallic recognition of non-operational military service.

The first NZDSM medals were presented to 34 recipients (selected from various eligible category groups) at a ceremony at Parliament yesterday.

The medals were presented by Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Judith Collins, and the Minister of Defence Dr Wayne Mapp.

 “Today is about recognising and acknowledging those who have loyally served   New Zealand,” Dr Mapp said at the ceremony. “For those who have worked ‘behind the scenes’ to support others in operational roles, or who completed their CMT  or National Service obligations, today is especially significant. Finally they will receive formal acknowledgement for the work they have done.”

“The medal recognises the unique requirements of military service. These include commitment to serving one’s country, the possibility of operational service, military discipline and lifestyle, and the constraints on employment conditions and personal freedoms that come with life in the military.”

NZDSM ready for Presentation

The NZDSM recognises attested military service in the Defence Force by New Zealanders. Those who have served in the military for more than three years since World War Two, and those who completed their compulsory military training or national military service obligations, qualify. Personnel with three years accumulated service, for example between Regular, K Force, J Force and Territorial service (including RNZNR and RNZNVR) will be eligible for the medal.

Due to the large number of people eligible for the NZDSM there will be a four-stage call for applications, with priority given to processing applications from the oldest living ex-Service personnel first.

 The Medals Office is expecting more than 100,000 applications for the medal in the first three years of the project to issue the medal.

For the first time applications will be able to be initiated online as well as via hard copy.

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