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We are currently in the early stages of planning a major fund raiser for charities, being as we are an armed forces association we belive it only right to inform yourselves about this.

we are currently planning to do a mini run through five different counties on the bank holiday of august 2012, this will be starting in Kent going through East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire and finishing in Dorset, this will be a three day event, consisting of saturday being stalls and events in Dover, sunday The actual Mini Run covering 5 counties utilizing mini dealerships as checkpoints, covering approximately 233 miles, monday stalls events and much more.
We are hoping to raise funds/donations for 3 charities maybe more, but at this moment only 3.
Alzheimer’s support and research, to raise funds to try and find a cure for this dibilitating illness that can affect anyone at any age.
Chestnut Tree House Hospice for Terminally Ill Children, to help give these kids a better better way of life even though they are sadley not going to be here long & ONSA Beneveolent fund, to raise funds for ex service and current serving military personnel.
at this moment we are currently looking for sponsors for this event and to confirm permissions, but would appreciate any support we can get, as more information becomes available we will email you and post it on our website, the email will be from the new email account co-foundersp@onsagroup.net if you have any enquiries please email me at any of theese emails.

thank you
Stuart Phillips Co-Founder ONSA