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A fifty one-page report has blown the whistle on the MoD’s secretive Medal Review. The report by the UK National Defence Medal campaign provides an insight into current MoD Medal Review process and report, which Prime Minister David Cameron sent back to MoD for failing to consult with veterans.

It outlines how the MoD failed to notify the public of the review’s terms of reference, the date it commenced, the date of completion; the mystic surrounding its progress and failure to engage with veterans, service organisations or representatives of medal campaigns; the very people the review was about were excluded. Charles Lovelace who served for 2 years with the RMFVR prior to National Service as a Royal Marine Commando said, “It was a disgrace, nothing more than a six- week paper-based exercise over the Christmas period.”

The attached report shows how subjective statements, displaying a lack of analysis, reliant on misleading, inaccurate facts and false assumptions; produced unsubstantiated conclusions as reasons not to honour our veterans. Just why did MoD officials give a clean bill of health to the existing medal system, which has produced so much injustice in respect of medallic recognition over 60 years?

A spotlight has been shone on the flawed process and discredited Medal Review report. “You will be startled at what you find when you read the Report”, said Tony Morland Co-Chairman of the UK National Defence medal campaign.


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