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A 6-day personal development programme for former service men/women who are reintegrating into civilian life and careers. The programme will give them the practical skills to find a renewed purpose in life, the inspiration/motivation to move their life forward and the self-confidence and self-esteem to be once again an invaluable employee and member of civilian society. The delegates could be an employee of yours or you could sponsor the attendance of a delegate via a referral agency such as The Royal British Legion, the many forces associations/charities working in this sector, or someone you know personally.

The workshop will be exclusively for former service men/women and will be held at a ‘retreat’ away from everyday pressures, with time and space for individual reflection and sharing of experiences with others in a similar situation. We have an association with a Devon based social farm and with programmes we run there, the farm based activities enhance and deepen the learning from this programme, as well as add a real element of fun.

Delegates will be guided through a tried & tested programme to develop positive beliefs and mindset, become attached to deeply thought through values, find a comfortable direction in life, have the skills to set goals and plan for their new purpose, develop the character strength to deal effectively with future setbacks, the interpersonal skills to diffuse conflict, the knowledge to invest in themselves to continually develop and progress in life and the self-confidence to make a difference both in their own life and those around them. They will have the soft-skills, mindset and approach to be an effective employee with in-built resilience to work in the tough times. It will give them the confidence and skills to be a highly regarded employee to a civilian employer

At the end of the workshop delegates will have their own personal development/life plan.

Benefit to delegates
• Gain access to a life-changing programme to give them the skills to literally transform their life, a programme that has benefitted thousands of employees in civilian jobs.
• Gain the confidence and inspiration to find and deliver a renewed purpose in life
• Gain the positive reinforcement and affirmation from professional trainers who are former military, and have made the successful transition
• The opportunity to make a fresh start in life
• The skills, knowledge and attitude to be an effective, reliable and trusted employee
• On-going support through a mentor to realise their new purpose over the long-term

Benefits to corporate sponsors
• Sponsorship of a project that is practical, results orientated and ‘real’
• Work placement. For each person you ‘sponsor’ you can benefit from a work placement and benefit from a person who not only brings vast experience from their former service life but also have just been through a development programme providing skills and knowledge for success in a 21st Century workplace
• PR – an outline of the programme could be published on websites, in ProAction CIC’s newsletter and your local press
• Positive word-of-mouth, internally in the company, and also in the military community
• Motivation in their own workforce, people opening their minds to the circumstances of other people
• The feel-good factor – doing something practical with real results for a very needy cause
• Community cohesion – greater integration in the military community and a rising of links and profile between the commercial sector and the military community
• Involvement of staff on the project, widening horizons and strengthening company loyalty – for example providing staff as mentors
• The intangible positive effect it has had is on staff retention and productivity – happy & motivated staff without doubt stay longer, and work better!

Financial Implications
The cost for each delegate to attend this 6-day programme is £1,250 + VAT fully inclusive of accommodation, meal costs, the workshop and materials used.

We ask that for each delegate sponsored by a company you consider nominating a mentor from your company to support the on-going development of the delegates – this is of course optional, we currently have a number of ‘mentors’ waiting in the wings to support the individual ex-servicemen once we have run the programme.

Outline of the programme

Evening before the first day
Delegates are met by the ProAction Development CIC facilitators, made welcome and given a tour of the venue. An evening meal on arrival would be available.

First Day
Actions 1 and 2 covered (outline of the programme attached). In the evening delegates will relax with fellow delegates, be encouraged to share experiences and stories and the facilitators will remain on-site so can be called upon if needed and will join in discussions if invited.

Second Day
Actions 3 and 4 covered. Time on this day will be given for individual reflection and weather permitting delegates will be able to write their vision, mission and goals in life by the lake, riverside or in the woods. Evening as per first day.

Third Day
Actions 5 and 6 covered and Action 7 started. Evening as per day one and two.

Fourth Day
Action 7 completed and Actions 8 and 9 covered. Late afternoon/early evening an activity will be embarked upon that will be fun with real learning beneath it.

Fifth Day
AM Action 10 will be completed, in the afternoon action plans will be completed, a programme debriefing undertaken and delegates will meet their mentors and the relationship between mentor and the delegate established and boundaries agreed.

On the morning of the fifth day mentors will arrive at 0900 and be greeted with refreshments. They will then be invited to embark upon a 3-hour ‘effective mentoring’ training programme to help them be a highly effective mentor to the delegates.

At lunch on this last day mentors will join programme delegates for informal discussions before joining the afternoon session.

Sixth Day
This last day will be a morning of deep reflection, open discussion, sharing of experiences and a commitment to the future generated.

Who are ProAction Development CIC & its facilitators?

ProAction Development CIC. is a ‘not-for-profit’ social enterprise training & development company working to provide both real corporate business development solutions and social & community projects that make a real and sustained difference.

The facilitators for this programme are either former military themselves (one R.N. one Army and one Royal Marine) or life-long civilian who has worked with the military for a number of years and bring a valuable differing perspective to the programme. All are professional and either trainers, facilitators or life coaches.

Further details of the company, its vision, mission, ethos and type of work and projects we are involved with can be seen at: http://www.proaction-development.com

10 Actions To Transform Your Life



Overview & aims & objectives

The 10-module programme will give delegates the skills, knowledge, motivation and confidence to literally transform their lives. It will contain practical insights for success, fulfilment and happiness, tried and tested principles to get the best out of themselves as well as those around them.

Each module (Action) will come complete with a comprehensive workbook for delegates to keep and refer back to. Each day will contain activity-based learning, the imparting of some theory, time for individual reflection and group discussions to see how what has been learnt can be transferred and applied in ‘real-life’. Some DVD clips will be watched to trigger imagination and provide further insights.

At the end of each module (Action) delegates will be asked to write their own action plan. We will encourage a ‘buddy’ system on the programme where in pairs they share their experience of the learning and support each others action plans to help ensure ‘real’ change is achieved.

The individual ‘Actions’ are:

Action 1 – Lay Your Foundation
• Introduction, how to get the most from the course
• Our learning styles and how they can impact on how we learn
• Aims & objectives
• Changing negative beliefs into positive ones
• Knowing where we are currently (self-awareness)
• Understanding and using our strengths & weaknesses
• Creating a balanced life & developing a winning attitude
• Examining our current perceptions & developing new, more empowering ones

Action 2 Make Powerful Decisions
• How to make decisions that count and stick by some of them and change others – but becoming decisive
• Exploring why we need to change
• Understanding our true worth
• The power of choice
• Responding to what work life throws at us
• How to make real commitments & become a transformational & influential figure
• The ‘proactive’ approach to problems

Action 3 Determine Your Future
• Developing and having a ‘big picture’ for your life
• Seeing your limitless potential
• Developing your own personal leadership skills
• Finding your own ‘purpose’
• Visualising and affirming to tap into your creative power
• Writing your own vision (where you want to be) and mission (how you are going to get there) – what you would like to have, do & be

Action 4 Take Control• How to develop your will power to take action
• Identifying your goals, prioritising them & developing an action plan you will implement
• How to set SMART goals
• How to manage your time to achieve your goals
• Overcoming procrastination & other distractions
• Creating balance with your achievements
• Will you have to delegate some things? The 5 essentials to be able to share tasks with others so they want to help
• Effective self-management
• Tasks to challenge prioritisation, planning and managing of limited time

Action 5 Build Character
• Valuing yourself highly
• Developing your character and character strength
• Developing your personality
• Giving trust and been trustworthy and how this is the foundation for effective relationships with others

Action 6 Interact With Skill• Looking at our current style of interaction with others
• Handling conflict
• Going from a passive or aggressive to an assertive style
• How to achieve mutual benefit, win/win outcomes
• Dealing with openly aggressive people
• Increasing our cooperative power & going from being competitive to cooperative
• Giving & receiving criticism
• Series of activities to encourage ‘creative’ and cooperative thinking

Action 7 Communicate With Ease• How much does listening cost?
• Listening is powerful and hard but it can improve our self-confidence, esteem & self-consciousness
• Do we say too much when talking?
• The different levels of listening
• The attitude & skill of deep listening
• Effective questions to ask others
• How to be understood effectively
• Coaching others so they learn and perform like never before
• Series of activities to challenge our communication skills

Action 8 Bring About Creative Solutions• Communicating to find new possibilities
• Finding shared solutions or alternatives
• How to value and use differences in a positive & creative way
• Releasing your creative power to find creative solutions
• Team leading and team working
• Effective team working, your preferred team role & how to form, develop and get the best out of your team
• Developing your own human relations plan
• Team Building activities

Action 9 Value Your Most Important Asset
• The importance of balance in four key areas of your life
• Physical investment – healthy eating, exercise, sleep & rest
• Creative investment/finding inspiration.
• Mental/educational investment – attending courses, reading publications planning & organising etc.
• Social investment – joining a group, club, practicing communication with others, finding inspirational people to interact with, family & friend interaction
• Celebrating your success.

Action 10 Make A Difference• To gain the confidence to go from creating success to manifesting significance
• Identifying how individually we would like to make a positive difference in the world, what is it that inspires your heart and human spirit
• What would we like to be remembered for – what is the legacy we would like to leave
• What collectively do we need to do to make a difference
• What do we need to do and how are we going to do it?

We can all make a difference.
Bernard Genge – Author of The 10 Actions® to Transform Your Life

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