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Remembrance Day & The Forgotten Victims of War

Forwarded by Ann Wills. For publication if required in NESA.

Edward’s mother-in-law was affected by Second World War munitions pollution, which had health effects on her children. 

The following written by Edward Priestley.

The website below gives a sad list of a few of the hundreds of young women munitions workers who died due to poisoning with TNT. Many would die of toxic liver overload and aplastic anaemia (bone marrow destruction.)  Those dying later of leukaemia and other cancers will not be on any list.  The forgotten casualties of war who should be remembered on Poppy Day but will not. For many years after many people who lived near contaminated areas where the munitions factories were situated, died of the same conditions.  An area at Penworthan near Preston in Lancashire, is one I investigated with many cases of AA and leukaemia with anonymous threats to those who had children who suffered these conditions, not to speak out.    By: Edward Priestley.