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To perpetuate the memory of those who took part and survived, and that of those who lost their lives during “Operation Frankton”

7th to 12th December 1942 with a full size “Cockle Mark II and its crew” in their low silhouette mode.

The Royal Marine boom patrol detachment were dropped off from a submarine and then paddled up the River Gironde Estuary to Bordeaux Harbour and set limpet mines against 6 enemy ships. They then paddled away. As with all operations a plan is only as good as when it starts. Of the original 10 men launched from the deck of HMS Tuna, 2 died from hypothermia at sea, 6 men were captured and executed, but Major Hasler and Marine Sparks escaped to the North of Bordeaux and eventually made their way back to the UK via the Pyrenees’ and Spain using the “Marie-Claire Escape Line”, which was set up by Mary Lindell.

The “Catfish” will be complimented by an information panel describing the raid with drawings and a plaque in commemoration of those who lost their lives and of Hasler (1914-1987) and Sparks (1922-2002 ).


It is envisaged that the memorial will be dedicated on the 70th Anniversary of the raid in December 2012.