Television Producers Seek Ex Elite Forces Soldiers

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RDF are currently developing a programme idea for Channel 4 that would explore a little of the types of challenges faced by some of the world’s highly skilled forces when training. Channel 4 are very interested in the idea and I currently have 3 weeks research to look into the basic feasibility of the project and possible challenges we could explore. RDF are one of the largest independent production companies in the UK with a track record of factual and factual entertainment programming, including Scrapheap Challenge and Secret Millionaire.

As part of the research, we are also very keen to speak to a few people who might have served in the elite forces of the UK (paras, commandos etc) and wondered if you might be able to advise me on any people you could recommend that I contact? As previously stated, the research is in its very early stages at the moment and I am keen to speak to as many people as possible to find out a bit more about what would make a workable and engaging TV format.

The aim of our programme is to appeal to a family audience and to provide information about the history of some of the world’s highly trained forces and to explore the determination and fitness required through a challenge environment. The programme would raise awareness of some of the incredible situations faced by the members of our armed forces and the tough training requirements they face.

We are keen to identify people who might be interested in advising on suitable challenges and also looking for those who might like to take part in some of the challenges.

We are also keen to conduct a small number of interviews with personnel who have recently left some of the elite forces and wondered if you have any members of your association who might be interested in assisting us at this stage?

I would be very grateful for any help you can provide.

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Anne Sutton