Nazi Flag captured by the SAS – For Sale

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Nazi Flag captured by the SAS WW2 circa 1942.
This flag was possibly captured from a German mess during a raid by members of L Detachment (The Originals) in 1942 or by members of 1 SAS. It was brought back to the UK by Trooper Henry Mullen 1 SAS. 
The light fabric would not have been flown from a vehicle.  The Paddy Mayne raid on Tamet airfield included the destruction of the Officers Mess as well as 24 aircraft. It might have come from this mess/nissan hut.
It was found in the attic of H Mullen by his family and sent to the Allied Special Forces Association in 2001.  It appears to have been signed by some of the Originals such as Reg Seekings, Johnny Cooper and Warburton.  H Mullen’s signature is on the flag, but this appears to have been highlighted later.  Henry Mullen would have returned to UK in preparation for D.Day.  
He participated in SAS Operation Bulbasket and dropped into France just after D Day to help disrupt the German advance on the Normandy Invasion beaches.  He was among 31 SAS soldiers who were captured by the Germans on the 3rd July in the  Forest of Verrieres and as prisoners of war they were executed under Hitlers infamous Commando Order.   Henry Mullen was executed by the Germans with his colleagues on or around the 7th  July 1944.
The Flag
Two dates are of note regarding the KIA of Sillett (Sillet on Flag) 30/10/42  and Kendall 27/10/42 (30/10/42 on CWGC).  Both died during raids on enemy supply lines near El Alemein in North Africa.
The signature of J O’Reilly MM appears and he also served with the Special Boat Squadron (S Detachment and M Squadron). J Henderson also served with Special Raiding Squadron.  
Most of place names are in Libya: –
Barce, Bardia, Beda Fomm, Bengasi, Capuzzo, El Chabir, Fuka, Gambut (RAF airfield), Gazala, Hyde Park & Marble Arch are British names for well known points, Mechili, Musad, M’Sus, Sidi Barani, Slonte etc.
A letter from the Mullen family will accompany the flag to authenticate its origin.
Reason for Sale
This flag is was donated by relatives of Henry Mullen to the Allied Special Forces Association.  It is being auctioned by Mullocks Auctioneers of Ludlow on the 16th October 2012 to raise funds for a commemorative Stained Glass window to be installed in the Sun Room at the Allied Special Forces Grove situated within the National Memorial Arboretum.  See pdf Grove 14th April 2012 scroll down to Sun Room.  The Stained Glass window will commemorate all the wartime SAS who lost their lives.
A wonderful piece of SAS history, which will help perpetrate the memory of those brave souls who helped save Great Britain from virtual enslavement.


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