Securing Asia 2012 – 25th-27th June 2012

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We are organizing an event called Securing Asia 2012 that takes place at the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Conference Center in Westminster,London between the 25-27 of June 2012.

Mr Jack Straw will be the main speaker as well as several prominent figures from the Defence Industry.

We will have over 100 Government Officials from 20 or more countries within Federal and State Government across India and Asia.
These representatives are from

Ministry of Internal/Home Affaires
Ministry of External Affaires
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Central Police and Paramilitary Forces
State Governments and Police
Key Government Agencies in charge of advising and specifying Security, Intelligence, Emergency, Response and Disaster Recovery solutions in Asia.

Many of those attending are have experience and current information about the Defence and Security Industry both in the UK and in the Far East. These would be a wonderful opportunity to educate, inform and expand Business relations.

Please look at the our website: for full information about the event.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call me or send an Email.

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