Operation Warriors Return

Posted on June 12, 2012 by

 Operation Warriors Return

Operation Warriors Return is a new, innovative, community based project aimed at engaging unemployed veterans, disabled ex-servicemen/women in activities based at a Cambridgeshire Care Farm. These include support in helping return to work, gain further training or getting involved with the voluntary sector. In addition active projects, fitness training, fundraising, and the design and construction of a pioneering outdoor eco-gym/obstacle course.

This all-inclusive facility differs from other gyms in that it is specifically designed to promote the post-rehabilitation process of those who have been seriously injured whether on active service or not.
In addition this project also offers a unique collaboration opportunity for servicemen to work alongside young people who are at risk of exclusion and have been having difficulties at school and/ or with the authorities.
Acting as mentors and role models the ex-servicemen encourage and inspire these disaffected youngsters to succeed despite their respective backgrounds and circumstances by engaging them on many topics commonly promoted in the Armed Forces – such as, but not exclusively, the following;

• outdoor skills & basic first aid
• fitness training & weight management
• teamwork & mutual support
• self-reliance & self-discipline
• respect for others
• self-belief & self-confidence .

Participation is FREE to veterans.
Transport can often be arranged / supported financially.
Tea, Coffee, Lunch and Banter supplied daily!