Children to see NAKED PRINCE while buying sweets on the way to school.

Posted on August 23, 2012 by

Hypocrites at the SUN Newspaper prove that the PCC is a joke!

Claiming that they are Britain’s most loved newspaper with 20M customers daily, the SUN has decided to get stuck in. After all don’t we all love to take the line that “He’s got a pack of twenty foreigners kicking him while he’s down – one more boot in the face won’t matter.”
What an example to make, get stuck in there boys.

So, foreign media bodies are publishing the pics at the expense of the privacy and respect of OUR Prince, OUR Royalty, OUR Country. Does that mean it is right for a BRITISH media body to make PROFITS at the expense of OUR Prince, OUR Royalty, OUR Country?

Who do they stand for?
Are they printing stories in the interest of the British public or the world public.

They argue that people are viewing them on the internet anyway and are up in arms about the Freedom of the Press. Well, if we’re viewing them on the internet anyway – why the need to show us again?

Conniving bunch of dollar mad liars.

Somebody should celebritize the journalists, editors and owners of these rags of s*** and take photos of them on toilets in public places. Let the world see their private parts in private places.

Somebody lead by example – I haven’t got a camera.