Please Help Surviving Member of 356 Sqn Fly To Malaya

Posted on August 30, 2012 by

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Some of you will know about the story of the RAF Libertor, KL654, and its eight man crew that were killed on 23 August 1945. For those who do not, the fact is a number of us have campaigned for several years to have their remains given a decent Christian burial, after they were discovered in the jungle near Seremban in Malaya.
At long last the MoD have decided that what was found was human remains and they are going to be buried on 18 October in Cheras Road Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur. The MoD is also sponsoring two members for each family, to fly them out to Malaya and that is all we ever wanted! However one man, former Squadron Leader Joe Carberry, the former 356 Squadron Adjutant and C.O. of 356 Squadron will not be sponsored and if he goes he will have to pay his own way.
Can you please lobby the MoD and suggest that Joe is also sponsored for the trip to Malaya. Apart from his close associations with 356 Squadron he is one of the last members of the unit to survive and he has also been actively involved in the campaign. Is it not fitting that a former member of the squadron in which the eight airmen served should be there to pay his respects? He is one man, one seat on an aeroplane and if the Government can not afford to sponsor him in this way, surely it is totally disrespectful to
him and those airmen who served their country. Please Help!!!

Regards, Joe Bamford