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On Sunday 23rd June, British people in towns all over the country will be reacting to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in a series of peaceful marches.

The organisers of the ‘Stand Strong’ movement state the following:

On 23rd of June, at 1200 hours; people from across the country will unite in a universal march against extremism. Wearing the scarlet ‘Woolwich Strong’ T-shirt and standing proud, we will all march forward into a future without extremism, terrorism and oppression. Together as Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu; we all have the same goal, to eradicate extremism. There will be a 5 minute silence held after the march in honour of our fallen hero, Drummer Lee Rigby. Tell your friends, your family and even strangers. This is going to be a truly historic day. STAND STRONG!!

Extreme left wing groups have gone to great lengths to vilify the organisers on various left wing extremist and apologist websites and blogs across the internet, making exaggerated and false claims about their political affiliations and backgrounds.

We’ve been made the victim of a vicious, hateful and disgusting attack. A Facebook page called SLATUKIP which is composed of left wing extremists and marxist trolls has been openly distributiong the following fake news article which accuses Joshua Bonehill of being a scammer and this whole operation a sham. Well let me ask you something, if this was real, why has he not been arrested? this is a serious crime they are suggesting has been committed and yet Joshua is still here and operating as strong as before. If you want to believe this slanderous news article then we ask you to leave because we don’t want you in this organization. We’re going to be doing amazing things on June 23rd but let’s not let the small minority of people that are openly attacking us win in stopping us. You’ve heard it coming from Joshua’s mouth, there are no Scams, this is not fake and we have no connections to the far right, far left or any political party. Here is that slanderous article, read at your own peril:

*It should be noted that is NOT an official English Defence League website.

Despite this, the various local organisers are standing strong in their right to democratically make such a march a success and ALL members of any section of society, religion, race and creed have been invited to take part and are welcome to do so.

Stand Strong would like to invite armed forces veterans in particular to this March.

The hometown of Lee Rigby was Middleton in Manchester and the ‘Middleton and Manchester Strong’ march begins in Hearon Park at midday. For more details visit their facebook page at

To find your local ‘Stand Strong’ march on June 23rd search Facebook or the Internet.