Official Statement & Summary of Stand Strong UK

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Today has seen a magnificent and truly unique event happen all across the UK. Many towns & Cities came together as one nation community and marched defiantly in the face of Extremism, oppression and terrorism. Many thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity and marched in a peaceful and dignified manner.

We faced many problems in getting to this level, a viscous and slanderous campaign of hate was directed towards us by far left extremist groups who wanted to portray us as a Far right organization with intentions of wreaking havoc today. I ask these people, where were the far right groups you speak of? Where was the havoc? No, these were peaceful marches as we had promised, these were non political and open to ALL people. These groups that set out to attack us were successful as it turned doubt and hate towards our campaign which ultimately resulted in a low turnout in some areas.


The biggest disappointment of all was the Greenwich council not allowing the Woolwich March to go ahead as already planned. Apparently they had a bus load of police waiting there to deal with anybody that did turn up. Truly scandalous.

Despite the negatives, the positives are by far more impressive. Middleton/Manchester, Derby, Stoke & Exeter had the biggest overall marches with impressive turnouts. The people came together and marched peacefully with no issue. We made a point today and that point was; There is no room for extremism of any sort in this country. We will continue to Stand Strong in the face of any extremism, terrorism or oppression.


It was an absolute honour to of had Graham Foulkes and the Rigby family turn up to Middleton Strong. Lee Rigby will always be remembered in our hearts and minds as will the victims of the 7/7 bombings. Two terrible acts of extremism that can never be forgotten in this country.

Lots of money was raised for the charities selected, we will try to get you all a total of the funds raised in due course. Nevertheless, a massive well done to all of you who took part today.

I’d like to personally thank the organisers who have spent the last three weeks spending nearly 20 hours a day on these marches, they’ve really gone out of their way to make this a success and without them; all of this would have been impossible. There were a few organisers that left us at an early stage because of the attacks and slanderous accusations but we forgive them and will be willing to talk to them if they should wish to return to Stand Strong.

Lastly, I want to talk about the future. We’re not prepared to leave Stand Strong here as an organization, we’re going to be taking it forward as a peaceful organization with the view to eventually becoming a charity within our own right. We want to promote peace, solidarity and unity in this country and we feel that today has been a launching point for that future. Already it has agreed that a march will be organized for next year, we’ll be back bigger and better than ever. In the meantime, we plan on organizing other events, festivals and fundraisers. We’ll also be looking to work with communities and encouraging solidarity, both within the Armed forces community and the civilian community.


We’ve set up a new page and invite you all to join us and march forward into a better future for all. We promise to stay non political and keep true to our word.

You’ve all been fantastic in supporting us so far, please continue to the next stage of the journey with us.

Stand Strong!

Chairman: Joshua Bonehill
Co/Chairman: Muheed Jeeran
Vice Chairman: Alexander Wood
Vice Chairman: Matthew Beeching
Executive Committee member: Kaye Walsh

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