ARTHUR LANE – A poem by Arthur’s grandson Oliver.

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Grandad (Arthur Lane)

Coconuts, grass skirts and comical hats,

Much loved dogs and countless cats,
A doting husband and loving dad,
Amazing grandad, and great gramps to our lad,
You lived all you life looking after so many,
Not asking for much, given away your last penny,
Tirelessly campaigned to help servicemen
Demanding recognition for those who served, back then
Your selfless acts every day, every year
‘cannot read your books without a tear
There wasn’t a person who’s life you didn’t touch
For you and your generation we owe so much
You loved Your plants your garden and flowers
Worked hard in the greenhouse for hours and hours
Had great family times that were always such fun
Who could ask for more when all said and done
So now that your nightmares are all gone away
And your back with grandma each and every day
Sleep well and rest with the Angels at night
Your final last post, after one hell of a fight
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